The Melbourne Space Program is run by a large group of volunteers, including an Executive Leadership Committee comprised of a secretary and treasurer, as well as four critical teams: Engineering, Legal, Academic and Operations. Each team consists of multiple working groups, each essential for the success of ambitions missions of our organisation.

Executive Leadership Committee (ELC)

The Executive Leadership Committee is the board of directors of the Melbourne Space Program who jointly oversee all activities across the organisation and make critical decisions on major organisational issues. The ELC maintains representation from all program areas, and is a diverse and equally represented group of high achieving students from different faculties.

Engineering Portfolio

The Engineering Portfolio is composed by six different teams who are responsible for the construction of six different main components of the satellite CS-1.

The Power Team is responsible for the harvesting, storage, distribution and management of power within the satellite.

The Flight Systems Team is responsible for attitude determination and control; specifically, the guidance sensors, control algorithms, and actuators responsible for both detumbling the CubeSat in post-launch ejection, slewing CS-1 from one attitude to another and tracking.

The Telecommunications Team is responsible for the design and implementation of a robust communication system consisting of a dipole antenna for reliable communication. In addition, the design and implementation of the RF hardware and software required for physical and data link layers falls under the scope of the Telecomms Team.

The Command and Data Handling Team is responsible for the CPU of the satellite, storage of data, and execution environment within the CPU for each of the other engineering systems. It is also the responsibility of the Command and Data Handling System to provide redundant paths for each of these capabilities.

The Flight Vehicle Team is in charge of the physical structure of the satellite, the physical and electrical integration of each of the above systems into the satellite, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility between all systems, and ensuring the thermal stability of the system. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Flight Vehicle Team for ensuring that all components within CS-1 meet the standards and requirements for launch.

The Mission Operations Team prepares the ground station to communicate with the satellite for CS-1 and future missions. The team will develop two systems. The first being a system to retrieve, format and display the data on a web-interface for use and analysis by MSP and the stakeholders involved. The second system will comprise of developing an interface for sending data (e.g. firmware updates) and building up the ground station for transmission.