Role: Engineering research team member
Reports to: Lead Project Engineers, SkyHopper team
Ideal start date: ASAP
Type: Voluntary*
Length: 6 months minimum
Location: Level 2, 333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Ideal availability: Flexible

We are looking for students with a keen interest in space who are excited about being part of a team that successfully launched a satellite into space while delivering a world class training program. MSP’s SkyHopper research team would be working in collaboration with the University of Melbourne SkyHopper project to undertake research studies aligned with the objectives of the SkyHopper project. This role would lead to broader engineering roles across different projects as the research studies finish and new opportunities arise.

As part of this team, you would actively practice technical skills (learn how best practice project management implementing agile principles in a complex project environment) and work on your core skills such as communication and building research capability.

Beyond this project, you would have the opportunity to experiment across different engineering disciplines while owning the mission and priority work as a team, interacting heavily with industry professionals across space and broader technology industries. You would also have the opportunity to contribute to a satellite in the design, testing and launch and be in the handful of Australian students to ever design and launch your own satellite.

The time commitment is flexible for this role: we believe in taking ownership of issues and getting things done rather than strict hours per week schedule. We accommodate your study needs and will plan work around other commitments, especially during the exam period.


The interview process

Applications will close on Sunday 18th August at 5:00pm. The process involves two rounds of interviewing.

Start: 19th August (rolling)
End: 24th August

Start: 26th August (rolling)
End: 31st August

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

*Please note that all roles within MSP, from the Managing Director to the newest member, are volunteer-based. 

How to apply

For the full application form, position description and additional details, click here.